• Paving of Upper North Parking Lot- Due to drainage issues, the upper north parking lot was paved. There will be a period of time where it is black, but Red Rocks has assured us that a top coat will go on that will match the color or the natural environment. Our official position: while we don't love the pavement, we are trusting that Red Rocks will make it blend with the natural surroundings and understand the need for improved drainage. 

  •  Planter Box Renovation- FoRR is working to stay up to date on any plans to change the planter boxes. As a group, we oppose tearing out the trees, paving the planter boxes, and installing railing around the boxes. Our official position: We are opposed to any changes with the planter boxes. We feel the trees have historic value, and do not want to see railings, trees removed, or any part of the planter boxes paved. 

  • Colorado Music Hall of Fame- FoRR is continuing to follow any development plans for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.