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If you love Red Rocks, come join us at our next monthly trail cleanup on the last Saturday of each month! We meet in the Lower South lot at 9:30am. We are committed to keeping the park beautiful and pristine, and we would love your help! 

In 2015, Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre received a National Historic Landmark designation thanks, in part, to the efforts of Friends of Red Rocks volunteers. 


Red Rocks has a long history of amazing music and magical moments for concert goers and park visitors, but it’s so much more than merely a great place to see a show! It is 868 acres of beauty that deserves to be cared for and preserved for future generations. The Amphitheatre, a geologic wonder, is a rare natural formation with perfect acoustics. The City of Denver purchased the park in 1927 from a private landowner for $54,133. Construction of the amphitheatre was completed in 1941 by the workers living at the Morrison CCC Camp.

As the amphitheatre gained in popularity and the city of Denver grew, so did the impacts on Red Rocks Park. Friends of Red Rocks began in 1999 as a reaction of concerned citizens to the corporatization of Red Rocks Park. Specific concerns at the time included converting the historic planter boxes into cooperate box seats; selling advertising and naming rights of the venue; and pushing through 'improvements' at too fast a pace. Friends of Red Rocks continues to stay involved and up to date on current issues affecting the park. 

FoRR also maintain the Red Rocks native garden; educate patrons in a friendly way; and stay involved with advocating for the park and amphitheatre. While we encourage concert patrons to come out and have a great time, we ask that they do so in an environmentally responsible way. By doing simple things like packing out your trash, recycling, observing the Fan Code, staying on designated trails, and being considerate of wildlife, we can all work together to keep Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre beautiful and open for everyone’s enjoyment. 


Monthly Trail Cleanups are held on the last Saturday of each month at 9:30am. Meet us in the Lower South parking lot.  See our Facebook page for dates and more information. 

We depend on your generous donations to operate. Please consider making a donation today! 

Did you know??? 

~ There have been more shows scheduled at Red Rocks in the last decade than there were in the preceding 60 years? 

~ That it took the natural amphitheatre of Red Rocks more than 200 million years to form?

~ That the amphitheatre was designed by architect Burnham Hoyt, who modeled it after the Theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece? 

~ That The Trading Post was built in 1931; it opened selling hot dogs for a dime and ice cream for a nickel? It is now home to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and a Red Rocks gift shop. 

~ That The Beatles’ 1964 show at Red Rocks was the only show that didn’t sell out of their first American tour? Red Rocks is one of four venues the Beatles visited on that tour which is still standing.

~ That both of Red Rocks' massive monoliths, Creation Rock and Ship Rock, are 300 feet tall…almost as tall as London’s Big Ben? 

~ That each piece of sandstone used in building Red Rocks was harvested from a quarry in Lyons? 

~ That an estimated 750,000 non-concertgoers visit Red Rocks every year? 

~ That AEG and LiveNation book the vast majority of shows there, but Red Rocks is an open venue, meaning anyone can book it? 

~ That The Civilian Conservation Corps built barn-door entrances in the backstage area to accommodate the height of a rider on a horse? 

These fun facts are credited to Dylan Owens at The Denver Post. CLICK HERE to read the full article!




Friends of Red Rocks

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There are many ways to become involved with Friends of Red Rocks!

  • Monthly Trail Clean ups- we meet on the last Saturday of every month in the lower south lot at 9:30am.

  • Donate! It takes money to run a non-profit organization. While all members are volunteers, we still need supplies, equipment, web hosting, volunteer databases and more. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Friends of Red Rocks.

  • Find us on Amazon Smile- a portion of your order will be donated to us. Log in to http://smile.amazon.com/ and choose Friends of Red Rocks as your organization to support.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @friendsofredrocks to stay current on events impacting the park.

  • Donate supplies- we need trash pickers, trash bags, gloves, water/snacks for trail clean ups, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, etc.

  • We also have a variety of committees that we could use your expertise on! Committees include fundraising, education, technology, merchandising, native garden, and communications. If interested, please email friendsofredrocks@hotmail.com for more information.

Friends of Red Rocks Native Graden

Friends of Red Rocks Native Graden

2018 Board of Directors- Frank Roddy, Shelly Ryan, Susan Goukas, Jack Mellon, and Amy Harris

2018 Board of Directors- Frank Roddy, Shelly Ryan, Susan Goukas, Jack Mellon, and Amy Harris


If you are interested in volunteering with our group, please submit the volunteer application above and come join us on the last Saturday of the month at 9:30 in the lower south lot for our monthly trail cleanups!